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About Us

Since its launch in 2003 has established itself as one of the UK's premier used car marketing services. We speak to approximately 250,000 buyers and sellers every month, to ascertain the markets needs. Our extensive and ongoing advertising campaigns ensure we have buyers in place now that you are thinking of selling.

Research has shown that many sellers and buyers would prefer to have separate web-sites for different types of vehicles. has invested extensively in web based technology, and to meet this need we have developed additional websites to promote different vehicles.

Our enviable position and ability means we are able to impart a wealth of knowledge and advice including "how to get the most for your vehicle when selling ", " how to advertise your vehicle", and "where models and body types are most frequently sold across the country".

We employ highly professional staff who have substantial knowledge of the used car market. As we pay wages rather then commission, our Staff have no need to hard sell. Therefore discussions are in a friendly relaxed manner with advice freely given. As an example Mr J. T. from Coventry was selling his Jeep Grand Cherokee. Having had no success he contacted us. Our advisor took the vehicle details and felt that the vehicle was being undersold. He was advised to increase the selling price by £250.00. The vehicle was sold within 3 days!!

Our Advisors are well versed in the various reasons why you may be selling your car (or motor home or bike). Common reasons include company car arriving, new addition to the family and emigrating. We therfore are able to provide the best possible advice.

But why take our words for it? A number of our satisfied Clients have left their comments.

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